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Palette Wine Estate highly exclusive ecological wine

Type of wine
dry full-bodied wine
Protected wine region
Postup, South-Dalmatia, Croatia
Grape Varieties
Plavac Mali
Wood aging
French oak

keep until 2026 (and longer)

Drinking temperature
16 tot 18oC

Wine description:
A full bodied wine, rich in flavor with a beautiful dark red colour. Harmonious in its acids, minerals, tannin and alcohol. With almost mysterious aromas and is reminiscent of red ripe fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, cherries, cranberries and plums.

Wine pairings:
A dining wine should be decanted in advance. He combines oa. well with richly seasoned meat, but also lamb chops and other rich powerful flavors.

Palette Wine Estate:
Palette is located on the South-facing slope in the protected wine region Postup and overlooks the Adriatic Sea, on the historic city of Korcula on the island of the same name, where the birth House of Morco Polo. The history of the wine region 3,000 years back. The Greeks and Romans were here their wine and olive oil. The form of the vineyard is like a painter's palette where the winery takes its name Palette.

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